About Us

Casvada, build home, make us home

Casvada provides high-quality furniture products to help customers build warm, bright, comfortable, and aesthetic homes.Everyone has a perfect home in their memory. It is just the feeling of being protected and warmed when we are children. Casvada has insight into this phenomenon and uses wrapping materials and a warm product appearance to help consumers return to the safe and warmful home in memory.


Shopping for furniture has always been about filling a room with expensive design trends. We wanted to turn the dilemma. From mid-century style to postmodernism, our designs never aim to look expensive but to fit everyone's definition of home.


We designed for every personal style--our design language is intentionally universal and customized; Our design can make you settle in comfortably for the long haul.


Respect is the core principle of all our values.

Brand Positioning

CAREGIVER tag ——Service, be relied on, popular, pragmatic Caregivers always care about people around them and try their best to meet their needs. Therefore, caregivers are dependent, needed, and respected, as is the brand CASVADA.

INNOCENT tag ——Safety, pure, harmless, protected Innocents are generally harmless to people, and their purity and innocence will affect people who have a connection with them. Casvada insists on being harmless to people and the environment, and the products need the care of users.

CREATOR tag ——Innovation, inspiration, art, talent. Creators always have ideas and will turn them into reality. Casvada can always give full play to its creativity and innovation from different aspects.

Soft · Warm · Safe · Bright That's how HOME impresses us.